Grade 1, Jefferson Elementary

Jefferson-1st-Irene-White-croppedMrs. Irene White’s first grade class during the 1964-65 school year at Jefferson Elementary.

First row, from left: Mark Boyer, John Smith, Loy Hoskins, and Stephen McGinnis.
Second row: Debra Horner, Debra Kay Gill, Robin Russell, Mrs. White, Mary Jane Lewis, Tammy Boger, and Patricia Edmonson.
Third row: Helen Messner, John Collins, Paulita Goode, Stephen Pifer, Debra Bell, Miles Patrick, Lois Combs, Morton Carnes, and Sheila Cobb.
Fourth row: Bill Tyner, Judy Murphy, Gregory Medlock, Janice Reed, Lynn Chandler, Debra Jean Drake, Lee Capwell, Lisa Rice, Jeffrey Ward, Dixie Collins, and Patricia Harvey.