Grade 2, Jefferson Elementary

Jefferson-2nd-Thurlby-croppedMrs. Thurlby’s class during the 1965-66 school year at Jefferson Elementary.

Front row, from left: Donna Miller, Cecil Connoly, Renee Runyon, Mark Boyer, Sheila Cobb, Dennis Davis, Lisa Osburn, and Randy Head.
Second row: Miss Holley, Morton Carnes, Mark Bonnell, Mary Jane Lewis, Lynn Patrick, Lois Combs, Stephen McGinnis, Ronald Perry, and Mrs. Thurlby.
Third row: Jimmy Stout, Debra Bell, Tommy Davenport, Janet Smith, Kelly Adams, Winette Denton, John Collins, and Patricia Kilpatrick.
Fourth row: Larry Stilwell, Cheryl Wise, Jeffrey Ward, Judy Murphy, Mike Burroughs, Connie Wiley, Donald Spurlock, Debra Drake, and Kenneth Mahone.