‘Miss Brooks,’ Candy Clark Among Honorees

The Fayetteville Public Education Foundation has announced the names of five people who will be recognized with induction into this year’s Hall of Honor. The honorees include Suzie Brooks Stewart, better known as “Miss Brooks” when the Class of ’76 was still in high school, and Candy Clark, who graduated a year ahead of the Class of ’76.

Stewart began teaching history at Fayetteville High School in 1971 and retired in 2010. She told the Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that she tried to make her classroom a welcoming in which students could share a variety of views.

She also served as the district’s social studies coordinator and helped put a greater emphasis on high-level thinking skills in classrooms.

She told the newspaper that she chose her profession because of the influence of teachers whom she had in school, including Vivian Schurfranz, Mary Heflin and Don Deweese.

“I believe that teaching is the most important job,” Stewart told the newspaper. “I always felt that it was important to respect my students, and I hoped they would sense my passion.”

Clark is being honored for her community service as well as her public service on city committees and the Washington County Quorum Court.

Lisa Lashley Higgins, a member of the Class of ’76, was inducted into the Hall of Honor in 2015.

Other honorees for 2016 are Neal and Gina Pendergraft, and Sarah Fennel Buchanan.

Cecile McKee and Tucson Museum

Alumna Cecile McKee, a professor of linguistics at the University of Arizona, worked with a fun tool to teach kids about words, pronunciation and usage at the Children’s Museum Tucson. Cecile comes in at about the 24-second mark.