Christmas Formal, 1974

Photo of group at Christmas formal in 1974

A photo by Don’s Studio from the Fayetteville High School Christmas Formal. Pictured include:

Front row: ??, Randy Keen, Steve Eason, Gina Hughes, Jay Bogan, George Niblock, Mary Beth Sims, Sherry Starr, ??
Back row: ??, Debbie Adam, ??, ??, ??, Bruce McLeod, Pam Meinecke, Joyce South?, Nancy Dodson, Jeff England?, Shelley Faddis, Steve “City” Jones, François Matile, Paula Goode, and Read Hudson.

Grade 1, Jefferson Elementary

Jefferson-1st-Irene-White-croppedMrs. Irene White’s first grade class during the 1964-65 school year at Jefferson Elementary.

First row, from left: Mark Boyer, John Smith, Loy Hoskins, and Stephen McGinnis.
Second row: Debra Horner, Debra Kay Gill, Robin Russell, Mrs. White, Mary Jane Lewis, Tammy Boger, and Patricia Edmonson.
Third row: Helen Messner, John Collins, Paulita Goode, Stephen Pifer, Debra Bell, Miles Patrick, Lois Combs, Morton Carnes, and Sheila Cobb.
Fourth row: Bill Tyner, Judy Murphy, Gregory Medlock, Janice Reed, Lynn Chandler, Debra Jean Drake, Lee Capwell, Lisa Rice, Jeffrey Ward, Dixie Collins, and Patricia Harvey.