Lunch Options

Students wait in line for lunch while Virginia McNair uses her teacher privileges to get an early start.

Eat, Drink and Be Wary

Lunch is an enjoyable break for Pam Sills, Cherie McGuire and Dennis Atto.

Whether you brownbagged it, skipped it, lunchroomed it or risked it and left, without lunch you couldn’t make it through the day. That’s the time you fed your face, did last minute assignments, found out what was on the English test or just talked with your friends.

In 1976 it was a real hassle to eat in the cafeteria. It took anywhere from five to eight minutes of waiting in line to get your food. Monday’s first period lunch and Wednesday’s third period lunch were especially crowded. Generally, most people liked the food. And while prices did not go up from the previous year, there were several new additions such as chef’s salad to the menu.

David Guisinger takes a chance and puts his money into the candy machine.

For those who didn’t care to eat in the cafeteria, there were candy and coke machines scattered here and there. Some brownbaggers wouldn’t give up their bologna sandwiches for all the hamburgers in the world. And if you were not inclined to eat at all, there was always a spade tournament in the debate room or a dance in the student center. And if all else failed, you could always count how many times “Fame” was played on the jukebox.

—1976 Amethyst