Senior Class Officers

West Campus senior class officers, from left, James Vansandt, Debra Bell, Gary Fife, Linda Denny, Pat Bowerman and Kim Taylor.
East Campus senior class officers, from front, Shelley Faddis, John Horn and Jeff Thomas.

Top Dog

Although the purpose of class officers has never been too clearly defined and many people didn’t even know who their class officers were, one responsibility these leaders had was to organize their class float.

Elected during the fourth week of school, East Campus senior officers were John Horn, president; Jeff Thomas, vice-president; and Shelley Faddis, secretary-historian.

West Campus held their own elections again this year. The officers were Gary Fife, president; Debra Bell, vice-president; Linda Denny, secretary; Kim Taylor, treasurer; and James Vansandt, parliamentarian.

Shelley summed up the feelings of most of the officers when she said, “I feel it is a very honorable position. I am looking forward to serving my fellow students, especially since we’re seniors. I enjoyed working on the float because it was my last chance to work as a group with all my friends.”

—1976 Amethyst