In Memoriam

The following friends from the class of 1976 are reported to have died since graduation. If you know of other classmates who have died or have more information about these lives that you would like us to add, send a note to Two FHS graduates, Kevin Cunningham and Conrad Odom, maintain a Facebook group — Fayetteville Friends — In Memoriam — dedicated to the remembrance of all FHS graduates who have died.

Ricky Ahart, 1958-2002, Obituary.

Cheryl Allred, 1958-2013, Obituary.

Keith Banks, 1958-1980, Obituary.

Mark Basset, 1958-2010, Obituary.

Linda Bixby Vandagriff, 1958-2011, Obituary.

Kirk Bradley, 1958-1999, Obituary.

Mike Bryant, 1957-1976. Obituary.

Morton “Skip” Carnes, 1958-2014, Obituary.

Lynn Chandler, 1958-1976, Obituary.

Angela Childress West Lies, 1957-2013, Obituary.

Brooks Clower, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Sandi Coffin, 1957-1993, Obituary.

Gay Coston, 1958-2016, Obituary.

Dianne Cross, 1858-2007, Obituary.

Michael Davidson, 1957-1997, Obituary.

Dennis Davis, 1958-1982, Obituary.

Diane Davis, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Jeff Day, 1958-2011, Obituary.

Nancy Dodson Peters, 1958-1998, Obituary.

Greg Flowers, 1957-2017, Obituary.

Mike Garner, 1958-2007, Obituary.

Weeda Gooding, 1958-2008, Obituary.

Nicky Gyles, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Gary J. Harris, 1958-2010, Obituary.

Stephen Lee Harris, 1958-2018, Obituary.

Alan Hepler, 1958-1986, Obituary.

Matt Holtzen, 1958-2009, Obituary.

Michael Jackson, 1958-2015, Obituary.

Dyke Jennings, 1957-2016, Obituary.

Steve “Country” Jones, 1957-1977, Obituary.

Mike Lyman, 1958-2021, Obituary.

Brian McGreevy, 1957-2008, Obituary.

Miles Lynn Patrick, 1957-2017, Obituary.

Stephen McGinnis, 1958-2018. Obituary.

Pat Miller Simpson, 1958-2006, Obituary.

Donna Moore, 1958-2004, Obituary.

Naoto Sekiguchi, 1958-2021, Obituary.

Jan Skarda, 1957-1994, Obituary.

Dwaine Spears, 1958-2002, Obituary.

Sheri Starr Keen, 1958-2015, Obituary.

Richard Steel, 1957-2000, Obituary.

Jimmy Stout, 1958-2007, Obituary.

Craig Venema, 1958-1993, Obituary.

Robert “Bobby” Waterson, 1958-2014, Obituary.

Myra Wesson, 1958-2003, Obituary.

Dennis Wohlford, 1957-2016, Obituary.

Obituary for Stephen Harris

Photo of Steve Harris
Steve Harris

Stephen Lee Harris died September 23, 2018, at Norman, Oklahoma. He was born May 6, 1958, in Cheverly, Maryland, the youngest of three children born to Grover and Sara Harris.

He grew up in Fayetteville and attended United Presbyterian Church. He graduated from Fayetteville High School in 1976 and then went to the University of Arkansas, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in geology. After graduation, he soon moved to Oklahoma to work in the oil industry.

The writer of an obituary for Harris said, “Stephen departed to the big oilfield in the sky.”

The writer said that Stephen, who throughout school had an acerbic sense of humor, put life quite well when he said: “Hey guys, FYI: If you are reading this then something has happened to me. No worries!!!! It’s been one helluva good ride!!!! Thanks for everything. Live long and prosper.”

Grade 4, Root Elementary


Mrs. Sanders’s class during the 1967-68 school year at Root Elementary.

Front row, from left: Mrs. Sanders, ??, Suzanne Hinson?, ??, Susan Shelley, and Steve Harris.
Second row: ??, Kathy Maguire, John Brooks, Craig Venema, Wanda Hayes, and Keith ??
Third row: Leslie Long?, Bobby Miller?, ??, ??, Bobby Barnes, and Misty Veasey?
Fourth row: Soren Kraemer, ??, Bob Wilkins?, Brooks Clower, Cathy McRee, and Read Hudson.

Grade 6, Root Elementary


Mrs. MacKenzie’s class during the 1969-70 school year.

Front row, from left: Mrs. MacKenzie, Stephen Harris, Loree Treat, ??, Suzie Jenkins, Robert Gonzalez, and ??.
Second row: Beverly Johnson, Dan Wickliff, Bill Baker, Steve Cox, and Jon Greene?.
Third row: Wanda Hayes, Ron Stone?, Karen Moore, Chris Kunkel?, Jackie Audrain, and Susan Stephenson.
Fourth row: Susan Chism?, Hugh Painter, Clay Woody, Bill Watkins, Read Hudson, Don Carter, and Misty Veazey.

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Julie Gabel
Mike Garner
Don Garner
Brent Garrett
Tammi Garrett
Teresa Garrison
Gene Geren
Barry Gilbow
Jerry Gilbow
Karen Gintonio
Gregory Glass
Burlene Goats
Judy Goff
Phil Goff
Weeda Gooding
Timothy Goss
Jon Green
Chris Guinn
Nicky Gyles
Gary Hall
Gary Harris
Steve Harris
Billy Harrison
Wanda Hayes
Jana Hemingway
Keith Henderson
Alan Hepler
Susan Herrington