Theresa Smith thoughtfully searches for a Prom dress.
Donna Moore, Jackie Audrain, Scott Fedosky and Kathy Trice aid in raking in the money during cap and gown measurements.
Jackie Audrain, Scott Fedosky and Kathy Trice aid in raking in the money during cap and gown measurements.
Steve Jones works behind the counter at Mr. Tux, a formal wear rental store.
 Linda Bixby folds her invitation order which had to accompanied by a $10 deposit.
Linda Bixby folds her invitation order which had to accompanied by a $10 deposit.

Cost of Leaving

While the approach of graduation meant many things to different people, to all seniors it meant dishing out the dough. From the summer before to the summer after the senior year, students were paying for all those “seniory” things.

It started with the senior ring, averaging $60 to $70. Then came senior portraits. Most seniors spent $30 or more.

From the beginning of that final year, seniors prepared for the big day, graduation. Before they had time to realize they were seniors, they were ordering invitations. Some managed to escape with only a $5 to $6 charge, but the cheapest package was $9.35 and the most expensive was $26.55. And many ordered extras and bought a memory book for $3.20, a senior key for $4.50 to $6.50 and a picture album for $4. In addition, a cap and gown, which was required for uniformity of color, meant another six bucks.

Planning for a college education was also costly. ACT and SAT tests cost $6.50 to $7.50, which included sending the results to three colleges. Transcripts to accompany applications were priced at $1 after the first one.

As graduation drew nearer, so did another big event, the Senior Prom. The cost for this wing-ding could vary sharply. Tickets, which came out of the guy’s pocket, ran $5 a couple. Dinner, depending on how cheap the guy was, ranged from $3 at McDonald’s to $20 at the Farmer’s Daughter. Then the poor fellow had to rent a tux, another $15 to $40, and buy a corsage for his date. If he went the daisy route he spent about $2.50; if he was extravagant he paid $10 for an orchid.

A new dress for the girls could be made for as little as $20, but many preferred to buy one read made for at least $50. And her date had to have flowers too, a boutonniere for $1.50.

If you added it up, the bill for the senior year came to $260. But most seniors agreed that the memories were worth every cent.

— 1976 Amethyst

Reunion Photo 1986

The 1986 reunion was held at the old Elks Lodge on Zion Road. More than 100 alumni attended different events of the reunion.


Front row: Hal Poole, Steve Jones, Eddie LaClair, Mike Tribble, Gregg Parker, Steve Smith, Rick Witherspoon, Soren Kraemer, Gary Streigler, Dan Wickliff, Charlie Alison, Janet Sherman, Loree Treat, Paula Faires, Liz Reagan, ??

Second row: ??, Shelley Faddis, Liz Adam, Thyrsie Anderson, Linda Williams, Sue Stockton, Becky Riggs, ??, Barbara Kane, Linda Langham, Sylvia Blyholder, Kristi Corn, Phyllis Parham, Cathy Huff, Regina Strong, Nancy Dodson, Jackie Ward, ??

Third row: Tim Smith, ??, Bill Guirl, Jody Tyson, Billie Bacha, Lisa Beard, Deanna Edens, Susan Chism, Terry Miller, Karan Carpenter, ??, ??, Pam Meinecke, Pat Bryan, Cheryl Clinehens, Teensy Kirby, Teresa Garrison, Sherri Starr, Nancy Stanberry, Tammi Garrett, Linda Colwell, Amy Wilson, Brian Noland.

Fourth row: Steven Yancey, ??, Nina Rolloff, Judy Goff, Hugh Painter, Nathan McKinney, Stephen McGinnis, Brian Holt, Debbie, Drake, Jeff Ward, Rick Turner, Janice Fuller, Gail Davis, Vickie Talburt, Lisa Lashley, Karen Waite, Cathy McRee, ??, Kathy Peele, Ann Scarbrough, Suzie Jenkins.

Fifth row: Jeff Bailey, Dick Reese, Drew Phillips, ??, Gary Hall, Bill Watkins, ??, Jeff Hobbs, ??, ??, Mike Lyman, Phillip Brown, Kathy Trice, Jeff England, Anna Leichner, Betsy Stewart, Rachel Walters

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Christmas Formal, 1974

Photo of group at Christmas formal in 1974

A photo by Don’s Studio from the Fayetteville High School Christmas Formal. Pictured include:

Front row: ??, Randy Keen, Steve Eason, Gina Hughes, Jay Bogan, George Niblock, Mary Beth Sims, Sherry Starr, ??
Back row: ??, Debbie Adam, ??, ??, ??, Bruce McLeod, Pam Meinecke, Joyce South?, Nancy Dodson, Jeff England?, Shelley Faddis, Steve “City” Jones, François Matile, Paula Goode, and Read Hudson.

Football Team

football-team.jpgBulldog Football Team, 1976

Front Row, from left: Michael Buchanan, Jimmy Luper, William Kimbrough, Phil Harrison, Calvin Tacket, Daran Johnson, T.R. Stewart, Gip Gibson, Mike Smith, Bobby Fitts, Kenny Harriman.
Second Row: Michael Jackson, Gene Geren, Joe Cravens, Nathan McKinney, Charles Duell, George Niblock, Joey Rodman, Lester Niblock, Bobby Martin, John Horn, Andy Lucas.
Third Row: Brian McGreevy, Mark Springer, Randy Williams, David Jackson, Steve “Country” Jones, Billy Frank Harrison, Jeems Love, Darrel Carr, Bill Gatewood, Wayne Jenkins, Dwaine Spears, Gary Ricks, Mike Patrick.
Fourth Row: Victor McPherson, Joe Bond, Kim Agee, Steve “City” Jones, Bill Tyner, Steve Baird, Lewis Moore, Mike Garner, Milton Scott Woelk, Bruce McLeod, Danny Ward, Jim Elliot, Bobby Waterson, Tim Smith.
Fifth Row: Coach Doyne Davis, Coach Ken Ramey, Coach Whit Fowlkes, Vernon Wayne Mitchell, Brooks Clower, Read Hudson, Darrell Strange, Ned Parette, Brett McLeod, Gary Streigler, Coach Larry Parnell, Coach Carl Fox

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