Grade 6, Root Elementary

root-6th-Joyce-bill-guirlMrs. Joyce’s class during the 1969-70 school year at Root Elementary.

Front row, from left: Debbie Easley?, Billy Long, Bill Guirl, ??, and Naoto Sekiguchi.
Second row: Howard Hayes, ??, ??, ??, ??, Linda Langham, and Steve Yancey.
Third row: ??, Bob Wilkins?, ??, Art Croswell, Mark McGuire, ??, and Mrs. Joyce.
Fourth row: Susan Chism?, ??, Chris Guinn, Pat O’Bryan, Brian Noland, ??, and Cathy Huff?.

Courtesy of Bill Guirl.

Grade 6, Root Elementary


Mrs. MacKenzie’s class during the 1969-70 school year.

Front row, from left: Mrs. MacKenzie, Stephen Harris, Loree Treat, ??, Suzie Jenkins, Robert Gonzalez, and ??.
Second row: Beverly Johnson, Dan Wickliff, Bill Baker, Steve Cox, and Jon Greene?.
Third row: Wanda Hayes, Ron Stone?, Karen Moore, Chris Kunkel?, Jackie Audrain, and Susan Stephenson.
Fourth row: Susan Chism?, Hugh Painter, Clay Woody, Bill Watkins, Read Hudson, Don Carter, and Misty Veazey.