In Memoriam

The following friends from the class of 1976 are reported to have died since graduation. If you know of other classmates who have died or have more information about these lives that you would like us to add, send a note to Two FHS graduates, Kevin Cunningham and Conrad Odom, maintain a Facebook group — Fayetteville Friends — In Memoriam — dedicated to the remembrance of all FHS graduates who have died.

Ricky Ahart, 1958-2002, Obituary.

Cheryl Allred, 1958-2013, Obituary.

Keith Banks, 1958-1980, Obituary.

Mark Basset, 1958-2010, Obituary.

Linda Bixby Vandagriff, 1958-2011, Obituary.

Kirk Bradley, 1958-1999, Obituary.

Mike Bryant, 1957-1976. Obituary.

Morton “Skip” Carnes, 1958-2014, Obituary.

Lynn Chandler, 1958-1976, Obituary.

Angela Childress West Lies, 1957-2013, Obituary.

Brooks Clower, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Sandi Coffin, 1957-1993, Obituary.

Gay Coston, 1958-2016, Obituary.

Dianne Cross, 1858-2007, Obituary.

Michael Davidson, 1957-1997, Obituary.

Dennis Davis, 1958-1982, Obituary.

Diane Davis, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Jeff Day, 1958-2011, Obituary.

Nancy Dodson Peters, 1958-1998, Obituary.

Greg Flowers, 1957-2017, Obituary.

Mike Garner, 1958-2007, Obituary.

Weeda Gooding, 1958-2008, Obituary.

Nicky Gyles, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Gary J. Harris, 1958-2010, Obituary.

Stephen Lee Harris, 1958-2018, Obituary.

Alan Hepler, 1958-1986, Obituary.

Matt Holtzen, 1958-2009, Obituary.

Michael Jackson, 1958-2015, Obituary.

Dyke Jennings, 1957-2016, Obituary.

Steve “Country” Jones, 1957-1977, Obituary.

Mike Lyman, 1958-2021, Obituary.

Brian McGreevy, 1957-2008, Obituary.

Miles Lynn Patrick, 1957-2017, Obituary.

Stephen McGinnis, 1958-2018. Obituary.

Pat Miller Simpson, 1958-2006, Obituary.

Donna Moore, 1958-2004, Obituary.

Naoto Sekiguchi, 1958-2021, Obituary.

Jan Skarda, 1957-1994, Obituary.

Dwaine Spears, 1958-2002, Obituary.

Sheri Starr Keen, 1958-2015, Obituary.

Richard Steel, 1957-2000, Obituary.

Jimmy Stout, 1958-2007, Obituary.

Craig Venema, 1958-1993, Obituary.

Robert “Bobby” Waterson, 1958-2014, Obituary.

Myra Wesson, 1958-2003, Obituary.

Dennis Wohlford, 1957-2016, Obituary.

Senior Privilege

It’s almost obvious from the faces that seniors enjoy senior privilege more than the teachers. Debbie Drake and Richard Steel wait anxiously as Mr. Hall ponders over their senior privilege slips.

Time Out

Senior Privilege made it through one more year at FHS. At the beginning of the year there was the usual doubt as to whether the seniors would be privileged again. “You better be extra good this year, or we’ll make you stay all day.”

Of course the seniors were all for getting it started as soon as possible. “I think it’s a good thing because people shouldn’t have to go to school when they have study halls,” said Cathy McRee.

Getting it started and keeping it running smoothly was the job of Vice-Principal Bill Brunner, but he still thought that “it’s good to give the students a chance to make other uses of their time, such as jobs or University classes.”

Even though everyone seemed eager for Senior Privilege to begin, there was a last minute rush to get teachers to sign permissions slips so the seniors wouldn’t have to go to their study halls the first day it started.

Some students felt that Tuesday and Thursday privileges weren’t enough.

“I think they ought to extend the privilege to every day of the week,” said Student Council president Don Carter.

Then there were those like J.D. Hobbs who “could care less” because “I already have all the privileges I need anyway.”

— 1976 Amethyst

Riggs to Steward

Becky Riggs
Marc Riviere
Phil Robbins
Joey Rodman
Joey Rodman
Nina Rolloff
Sharon Sagers
Ann Scarbrough
Naoto Sekiguchi
Lisa Sharp
Janice Shea
Janet Sherman
Pam Sills
Teena Simpson
Jan Skarda
Luanne Smart
Eric Smith
Michael Smith
Sherman Smith
Steve Smith
Terri Smith
Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith
Tim Smith
Joyce South
Dwaine Spears
Mark Springer
Debbie Spurlock
Sherri Starr
Richard Steel
Susan Stephenson
Steven Steward

Obituary for Richard D. Steel

Portrait of Richard Steel in high school
Richard Steel

Richard “Ric” Dee Steel, 42, a longtime resident of El Paso, died on March 13, 2000.

He was born December 3, 1957, at Silver City, Grant County, New Mexico. He was a member of the Fayetteville High School class of 1976 and served in the Air Force at the rank of Senior Airman.

Survivors included his mother, Ethel Lawson; his brothers Gordon and Dr. Samuel Steel; his sister Carol Shepherd; and his uncles, Samuel Steel and Judge McFee. He was preceded in death by his father, Dr. James A. Steel, and his brother Jimmy Steel.


Graveside services were held at Fort Bliss National Cemetery, Section M, Site 2671, El Paso, Texas.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Sierra Hiking Club of El Paso, Texas.