Honors in Competition

Pam Meinecke represented Arkansas in the National Junior Miss competition.
Pam Meinecke represented Arkansas in the National Junior Miss competition.

Nina Rolloff
Nina Rolloff

Senior Special

“When I came back, people’s attitudes hadn’t changed at all,” said senior Pam Meinecke, the second Arkansas Junior Miss in a row produced by Fayetteville High School.

Pam showed that all it took was the “Bare Necessities” to win. She performed the song from Walt Disney’s “Jungle Book” in talent competition.

After she was crowned in Little Rock December 30, her duties as Junior Miss involved attending district pageants, making personal appearances, speaking at civic and service club meetings and working with the American Cancer Society. April 20-May 12, Pam traveled to Mobile, Alabama, for the national Junior Miss Pageant.

Nina Rolloff, senior, was named DAR Good Citizen of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She was nominated by the senior girls and chosen by the faculty. Along with the honor she received a college scholarship.

Six candidates were nominated by West Campus shops for VICA Sweetheart. Kathy Peele, senior, and Anna Williams, junior, were chosen by a panel of faculty members to represent Fayetteville in state competition in March.

— 1976 Amethyst

Kathy Peele
Kathy Peele

Anna McWilliams

Reunion Photo 1986

The 1986 reunion was held at the old Elks Lodge on Zion Road. More than 100 alumni attended different events of the reunion.


Front row: Hal Poole, Steve Jones, Eddie LaClair, Mike Tribble, Gregg Parker, Steve Smith, Rick Witherspoon, Soren Kraemer, Gary Streigler, Dan Wickliff, Charlie Alison, Janet Sherman, Loree Treat, Paula Faires, Liz Reagan, ??

Second row: ??, Shelley Faddis, Liz Adam, Thyrsie Anderson, Linda Williams, Sue Stockton, Becky Riggs, ??, Barbara Kane, Linda Langham, Sylvia Blyholder, Kristi Corn, Phyllis Parham, Cathy Huff, Regina Strong, Nancy Dodson, Jackie Ward, ??

Third row: Tim Smith, ??, Bill Guirl, Jody Tyson, Billie Bacha, Lisa Beard, Deanna Edens, Susan Chism, Terry Miller, Karan Carpenter, ??, ??, Pam Meinecke, Pat Bryan, Cheryl Clinehens, Teensy Kirby, Teresa Garrison, Sherri Starr, Nancy Stanberry, Tammi Garrett, Linda Colwell, Amy Wilson, Brian Noland.

Fourth row: Steven Yancey, ??, Nina Rolloff, Judy Goff, Hugh Painter, Nathan McKinney, Stephen McGinnis, Brian Holt, Debbie, Drake, Jeff Ward, Rick Turner, Janice Fuller, Gail Davis, Vickie Talburt, Lisa Lashley, Karen Waite, Cathy McRee, ??, Kathy Peele, Ann Scarbrough, Suzie Jenkins.

Fifth row: Jeff Bailey, Dick Reese, Drew Phillips, ??, Gary Hall, Bill Watkins, ??, Jeff Hobbs, ??, ??, Mike Lyman, Phillip Brown, Kathy Trice, Jeff England, Anna Leichner, Betsy Stewart, Rachel Walters

If you recognize someone whom we have yet to identify, send a note to FayettevilleClassof76@gmail.com.

Parade Float

The Senior float, passing by Guisinger's Music shop on the Fayetteville square, shows a bulldog being catapulted out of a cannon toward a goal post with the theme: "Shootin' for a Victory."
The Senior float, passing by Guisinger’s Music shop on the Fayetteville square, shows a bulldog being catapulted out of a cannon toward a goal post with the theme: “Shootin’ for Victory.”

It’s About Time

For the first time since they entered FHS as sophomores, the class of ’76 won the Homecoming float contest. With class president John Horn as coordinator, seniors met for two weeks before Homecoming to decide on the float theme, “Shootin’ for Victory.”

Pam Meinecke and Theresa Smith cut crepe paper for the senior float.
Pam Meinecke and Theresa Smith cut crepe paper for the senior float.

Jeff Thomas brought his stereo to the fairgrounds to entertain seniors as they cut crepe paper, built the frame and stuff the chicken wire.

Despite a shortage of crepe paper and time, the float was completed about 10 minutes before the deadline and ready to go for the parade the next day.

— 1976 Amethyst

Christmas Formal, 1974

Photo of group at Christmas formal in 1974

A photo by Don’s Studio from the Fayetteville High School Christmas Formal. Pictured include:

Front row: ??, Randy Keen, Steve Eason, Gina Hughes, Jay Bogan, George Niblock, Mary Beth Sims, Sherry Starr, ??
Back row: ??, Debbie Adam, ??, ??, ??, Bruce McLeod, Pam Meinecke, Joyce South?, Nancy Dodson, Jeff England?, Shelley Faddis, Steve “City” Jones, François Matile, Paula Goode, and Read Hudson.

McClain to Neely

Fred McClain

Lisa McConnell

Stephen McGinnis

Brian McGreevy
Brian McGreevy

Mark McGuire

Cecile McKee

Nathan McKinney

Laura McKinnon

Cheryl McKnight

Cathy McRee

Bruce McLeod

Tammy McWhorter

Pam Meinecke

Helen Messner

Robert Meyer

David Mikles

Bobby Miller

Debbie Miller

Donna Miller

Pam Miller

Pat Miller

Terry Miller

Della Moore

Donna Moore

Karen Moore

Terry Moore

Cathy Morgan

Marcia Morgan

Sandra Morris

Cheryl Murtishaw

Dotty Neely