In Memoriam

The following friends from the class of 1976 are reported to have died since graduation. If you know of other classmates who have died or have more information about these lives that you would like us to add, send a note to Two FHS graduates, Kevin Cunningham and Conrad Odom, maintain a Facebook group — Fayetteville Friends — In Memoriam — dedicated to the remembrance of all FHS graduates who have died.

Ricky Ahart, 1958-2002, Obituary.

Cheryl Allred, 1958-2013, Obituary.

Keith Banks, 1958-1980, Obituary.

Mark Basset, 1958-2010, Obituary.

Linda Bixby Vandagriff, 1958-2011, Obituary.

Kirk Bradley, 1958-1999, Obituary.

Mike Bryant, 1957-1976. Obituary.

Morton “Skip” Carnes, 1958-2014, Obituary.

Lynn Chandler, 1958-1976, Obituary.

Angela Childress West Lies, 1957-2013, Obituary.

Brooks Clower, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Sandi Coffin, 1957-1993, Obituary.

Gay Coston, 1958-2016, Obituary.

Dianne Cross, 1858-2007, Obituary.

Michael Davidson, 1957-1997, Obituary.

Dennis Davis, 1958-1982, Obituary.

Diane Davis, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Jeff Day, 1958-2011, Obituary.

Nancy Dodson Peters, 1958-1998, Obituary.

Greg Flowers, 1957-2017, Obituary.

Mike Garner, 1958-2007, Obituary.

Weeda Gooding, 1958-2008, Obituary.

Nicky Gyles, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Gary J. Harris, 1958-2010, Obituary.

Stephen Lee Harris, 1958-2018, Obituary.

Alan Hepler, 1958-1986, Obituary.

Matt Holtzen, 1958-2009, Obituary.

Michael Jackson, 1958-2015, Obituary.

Dyke Jennings, 1957-2016, Obituary.

Steve “Country” Jones, 1957-1977, Obituary.

Mike Lyman, 1958-2021, Obituary.

Brian McGreevy, 1957-2008, Obituary.

Miles Lynn Patrick, 1957-2017, Obituary.

Stephen McGinnis, 1958-2018. Obituary.

Pat Miller Simpson, 1958-2006, Obituary.

Donna Moore, 1958-2004, Obituary.

Naoto Sekiguchi, 1958-2021, Obituary.

Jan Skarda, 1957-1994, Obituary.

Dwaine Spears, 1958-2002, Obituary.

Sheri Starr Keen, 1958-2015, Obituary.

Richard Steel, 1957-2000, Obituary.

Jimmy Stout, 1958-2007, Obituary.

Craig Venema, 1958-1993, Obituary.

Robert “Bobby” Waterson, 1958-2014, Obituary.

Myra Wesson, 1958-2003, Obituary.

Dennis Wohlford, 1957-2016, Obituary.

Grade 4, Washington Elementary


Mrs. Phelps’ fourth-grade class during the 1967-68 school year at Washington Elementary.

Front row, from left: Emmitte Watson, Stephan Trachant, Sam Featherston, and Michael Jackson.

Second row: Genie Gunn, Kathy Bell, Ada Atha, Michael Vanderlip, Jennifer Jacks, Jackie Audrain, and Selina DeForest.

Third row: Jerry Gilbow, Becky Riggs, Harold Hutton, Melissa Upchurch, Nikki Kirkton, Debbie Drake, Mark Bassett, Randy Schmidt, and Mrs. Phelps.

Fourth row: Billy Cunningham, Regina Smith, Barbara Lacey, Michael Buchanan, Kathy Wagnon, Eddie Logue, Chris Reynolds, and Matt Holtzen.

Courtesy of Becky Riggs

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Della Hess
Karin Higgins
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Suzanne Hinson
Jeff Hobbs
Brenda Hollingsworth
Richard Hollingsworth
Brian Holt
Matt Holtzen
Matt Holtzen
Leslie Hope
John Horn
Loy Hoskins
Scott House
Sarah Huckleberry
Read Hudson
Cathy Huff
Randall Hughes
Gwen Hunter
Cathy Hutchenson
Harold Hutton
Shirlene Hutton
Jenny Jacks
Jenny Jacks
Michael Jackson
Jana Janzen
Suzie Jenkins
Dyke Jennings
Karen Jones
Steve “City” Jones
Steve “Country” Jones

Obituary for Matt Holtzen

Matthew Henry Holtzen III, 50, of Fayetteville died Monday, July 20, 2009, at Washington Regional Medical Center.

He was born September 6, 1958, at Kansas City, Missouri, the son of Matthew Henry Holtzen II and Joyce A. Hency Holtzen. He was preceded in death by his father in 1974; paternal grandparents, Matthew and Millie Mickie Holtzen; and maternal grandparents, George C. Hency & Lillian B. McDaniel.

He was a 1976 graduate of Fayetteville High School and attended the University of Arkansas.

He was survived by his mother and stepfather: Joyce A. and James E. Veasey; a brother, George D. Holtzen and his wife, Helen, of Fayetteville; two sisters, Bambi K. Massengale and her husband, Jeffery, of Brentwood, and Heidi J. Nettleship and her husband, Anderson, of West Fork; two nephews and four nieces.

Funeral service were held Thursday, July 23, at Moore’s Chapel. Officiating was Pastor Scott Williams. Burial was in Oak Grove Cemetery at Brentwood. Memorials may be made to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, 120 Wall St., 19th Floor, New York, NY 10005.