National Honor Society

Front row, from left: Perry Thomas (sponsor), Sharon Ammons, Sylvia Blyholder, Nina Rolloff (secretary), Helen Messner (treasurer), Hee-Young Kim, Nicky Gyles (president), Sue Stockton (vice-president), J.D. Hobbs, Mike Brooks, Melissa Upchurch, Jana Janzen. Second row: Liz Adam, Karan Carpenter, Betsy Stewart, Sandi Coffin, Laura Larr, Sheila Barbee, Nancy Stanberry, Lisa McConnell, Betsy Perkins, Bev Kreie, Susan Stephenson, Jody Tyson. Third row: Susan Herrington, Luanne Smart, Vicki Hileman, Debbie Adam, Diane Bell, Pat Bryan, Judy Goff, Pam Sills, Lisa Lashley, Terry Miller, Laura McKinnon, Donna Moore, Karen Jones. Fourth row: Sherman Smith, Alan Hepler, Steven Yancey, Dianne Cross, Teresa Fields, Teensy Kirby, Cathy Huff, John Horn, Soren Kraemer, Tom Coker, Kathy Bell, Janis Reed. Fifth row: Marc McGuire, Bob Storey, Gary Striegler, Jeff Ward, Brian Holt, Rick Turner, Don Carter, Greg Thoma, Daniel Wickliff, Cecile McKee, Linda Langham. Back row: Phyllis Kelly, Mark Springer, Bill Watkins, Jeff England, Samuel Steel, Theresa Smith, Dotty Neely, Terry Reed, Becky Riggs, Nathan McKinney, Robert Meyer.

One of the highest academic honors a student could receive was becoming a member of the National Honor Society.

The membership was composed of seniors with a maintained grade average of 3.25 or more. There were two elections in which the faculty voted on the eligibility of the candidates with each student judged on a one to five scale. Those receiving the highest rating were formally initiated.

The first group of seniors (pictured) were initiated in the spring of their junior year. Those initiated this fall were Sharon Ammons, Debbie Atto, Keith Banks, Robert Cate, Jody Tyson, Randall Hughes, Gail Davis, Anna Leichner, Brian McGreevy, Deanna Eden, Bob Storey, Melissa Upchurch, Jana Janzen, Cheryl Clinehens, Billie Bacha, Jerry Cox, Duane Dunn and David Evans.

NHS’s money making project for 1975-76 was the sale of candy canes at Christmas time. This project was headed by President Nicky Gyles. The other officers were Sue Stockton, vice-president; Helen Messner, treasurer; Nina Rolloff, secretary; and Hee-Young Kim, reporter-historian.

NHS members Sue Stockton and Judy Goff serve refreshments following fall initiation.
NHS members Sue Stockton and Judy Goff serve refreshments following fall initiation.

Standardized Tests

Testing 1, 2, 3

Mike Brooks was one of many seniors who took the ACT, learning that it's harder to get into college than it is to stay there.
Mike Brooks was one of many seniors who took the ACT, learning that it’s harder to get into college than it is to stay there.

Testing 1, 2, 3, but it never stops there. The students were put through ever so many more. The were graded on their homework, given tests over it, and to top ita all off were given standardized tests to measure their ability to learn.

“Standardized tests, if used right by colleges, are a good thing,” said Susan Stephenson. “I don’t think the evaluation of the student should be based totally on the test, though. Academic records should be used, also.”

These tests were usually long and drawn out, last anywhere from all morning to all day. With the sophisticated forms that had to be filled out in order to apply for the tests, some people never got any further than applying for them.

“I don’t mind  taking the tests, but I don’t like the hassle of registering for them,” said Mark Springer.

But there was definitely a good side to all those tests. What better way was there to get out of school all day, legitimately?

National Merit semi-finalists are, from left, Karen Jones, Steve Yancey and Robert Meyer.
National Merit semi-finalists are, from left, Karen Jones, Steve Yancey and Robert Meyer.

— 1976 Amethyst

Football Team

football-team.jpgBulldog Football Team, 1976

Front Row, from left: Michael Buchanan, Jimmy Luper, William Kimbrough, Phil Harrison, Calvin Tacket, Daran Johnson, T.R. Stewart, Gip Gibson, Mike Smith, Bobby Fitts, Kenny Harriman.
Second Row: Michael Jackson, Gene Geren, Joe Cravens, Nathan McKinney, Charles Duell, George Niblock, Joey Rodman, Lester Niblock, Bobby Martin, John Horn, Andy Lucas.
Third Row: Brian McGreevy, Mark Springer, Randy Williams, David Jackson, Steve “Country” Jones, Billy Frank Harrison, Jeems Love, Darrel Carr, Bill Gatewood, Wayne Jenkins, Dwaine Spears, Gary Ricks, Mike Patrick.
Fourth Row: Victor McPherson, Joe Bond, Kim Agee, Steve “City” Jones, Bill Tyner, Steve Baird, Lewis Moore, Mike Garner, Milton Scott Woelk, Bruce McLeod, Danny Ward, Jim Elliot, Bobby Waterson, Tim Smith.
Fifth Row: Coach Doyne Davis, Coach Ken Ramey, Coach Whit Fowlkes, Vernon Wayne Mitchell, Brooks Clower, Read Hudson, Darrell Strange, Ned Parette, Brett McLeod, Gary Streigler, Coach Larry Parnell, Coach Carl Fox

Riggs to Steward

Becky Riggs
Marc Riviere
Phil Robbins
Joey Rodman
Joey Rodman
Nina Rolloff
Sharon Sagers
Ann Scarbrough
Naoto Sekiguchi
Lisa Sharp
Janice Shea
Janet Sherman
Pam Sills
Teena Simpson
Jan Skarda
Luanne Smart
Eric Smith
Michael Smith
Sherman Smith
Steve Smith
Terri Smith
Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith
Tim Smith
Joyce South
Dwaine Spears
Mark Springer
Debbie Spurlock
Sherri Starr
Richard Steel
Susan Stephenson
Steven Steward