Front row, from left: Marian Crum (sponsor), Simone Killian, Glen Berry, Kim White, Laura McGoodwin, Candy Treat, Rachel Skoney (secretary), Teresa Fields (president), Judy Goff, Becky Segers, Cristine Wolf, Nina Rolloff, Mike Bihn, Van Bennett, Brian Holt, Rick Turner, Marc Riviere. Second row: Debbie Adam, Betsy Stewart, Sheryl Willis, Mohini Chatrothi, Sylvia Blyholder, Kris Chatrothi, Brian Haring, Michael Simpson, Charles Alison, Jeff Hobbs, Mike Brooks, Becky Thomas, Patty Gannon, Jim Beavers, Michael Rudko, Pam Sills, Mark Rupert, Bob Storey. Third row: Terri Kirk, Nancy Pennington, Nancy Hamm, B.L. Lancaster, Alan Solis, Sadhana Mishra, Allison Level, Pam Taylor, Tommie Flowers, Sara Skinner, Georgia Buckley, Kelle Green, Lisa Wallis, Jerry Paulissen, David Cordes, George Alison, Kirk Walters, Johnny Hulett, Janet Roberts. Back Row: Jennifer Desmarais, Katherine Edman, Patricia Ammons, Melissa Teas, Jessica Lowe, Lisa Flynn, Mary Sekiguchi, Gina Turner, Laurie Leonard, Mary Laney, Carolyn Reilly, Sandra Glass, Carolyn Davis, Barbara Leeton, John Stephens, Billy Ourand, Steven Yancey, Marc McGuire, Janet Drake.

According to some of its members, Mu Alpha theta existed “to promote interest in math,” “to help someone get a scholarship,” “to get mathematicians together for business and fun,” “to look good on your transcript.”

Superintendent Harry Vandergriff along with Teresa Fields, president, congratulates Carolyn Davis after her initiation into Mu Alpha Theta.

But in the eyes of Mu Alpha Theta sponsor, Mrs. Marian Crum, the club was organized “to recognize and encourage outstanding work or scholarship in mathematics.”

At the annual Christmas part, Barbara Leeton was crowned “Sprouts” champion. “Sprouts” is a complicated dot-to-dot game of skill, logic and a bit of luck.

On the agenda for Mu Alpha Theta members in ’75-’76 was a field trip to Tulsa to visit the American Airlines Maintenance Center and Oral Roberts University. The group received reduced rates on Texas Instruments calculators, purchased a new calculator for the advanced math classes and attended the national convention in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Libby Stewart and Hee-Young Kim enjoy refreshments after the initiation.
Libby Stewart and Hee-Young Kim enjoy refreshments after the initiation.

International Students

From left, Giovanni Crippa of Italy, Lotta Rüdh of Sweden and Marc Riviere of France were exchange students at the Fayetteville High School during the 1975-76 school year.

Near & Far

The new faces at FHS in 1976 that didn’t look like sophomores were the foreign exchange students, Lotta Rüdh, from Sweden; Marc Riviere, from France; and Giovanni Crippa, from Italy.

What did they think of FHS and the United States?

Marc and Lotta said that school was easier than in their own country but Giovanni said it was about the same. They all agreed that English wasn’t a problem since it had been a required class in their own school for more than seven years.

They were amused when they were asked about their favorite American food because, as they pointed out, most American foods are also found in their own country.

And what about American football? Lotta didn’t like it “because I don’t know what is going on.” Giovanni liked it only when they played well, but Marc preferred to watch the spectators.

They all agreed that the people here were as friendly or friendlier than in their own country, and they pointed out that it does take a lot of kindness to take foreign students and make them feel so welcome.

— 1976 Amethyst

Riggs to Steward

Becky Riggs
Marc Riviere
Phil Robbins
Joey Rodman
Joey Rodman
Nina Rolloff
Sharon Sagers
Ann Scarbrough
Naoto Sekiguchi
Lisa Sharp
Janice Shea
Janet Sherman
Pam Sills
Teena Simpson
Jan Skarda
Luanne Smart
Eric Smith
Michael Smith
Sherman Smith
Steve Smith
Terri Smith
Theresa Smith
Theresa Smith
Tim Smith
Joyce South
Dwaine Spears
Mark Springer
Debbie Spurlock
Sherri Starr
Richard Steel
Susan Stephenson
Steven Steward