In Memoriam

The following friends from the class of 1976 are reported to have died since graduation. If you know of other classmates who have died or have more information about these lives that you would like us to add, send a note to Two FHS graduates, Kevin Cunningham and Conrad Odom, maintain a Facebook group — Fayetteville Friends — In Memoriam — dedicated to the remembrance of all FHS graduates who have died.

Ricky Ahart, 1958-2002, Obituary.

Cheryl Allred, 1958-2013, Obituary.

Keith Banks, 1958-1980, Obituary.

Mark Basset, 1958-2010, Obituary.

Linda Bixby Vandagriff, 1958-2011, Obituary.

Kirk Bradley, 1958-1999, Obituary.

Mike Bryant, 1957-1976. Obituary.

Morton “Skip” Carnes, 1958-2014, Obituary.

Lynn Chandler, 1958-1976, Obituary.

Angela Childress West Lies, 1957-2013, Obituary.

Brooks Clower, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Sandi Coffin, 1957-1993, Obituary.

Gay Coston, 1958-2016, Obituary.

Dianne Cross, 1858-2007, Obituary.

Michael Davidson, 1957-1997, Obituary.

Dennis Davis, 1958-1982, Obituary.

Diane Davis, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Jeff Day, 1958-2011, Obituary.

Nancy Dodson Peters, 1958-1998, Obituary.

Greg Flowers, 1957-2017, Obituary.

Mike Garner, 1958-2007, Obituary.

Weeda Gooding, 1958-2008, Obituary.

Nicky Gyles, 1957-2010, Obituary.

Gary J. Harris, 1958-2010, Obituary.

Stephen Lee Harris, 1958-2018, Obituary.

Alan Hepler, 1958-1986, Obituary.

Matt Holtzen, 1958-2009, Obituary.

Michael Jackson, 1958-2015, Obituary.

Dyke Jennings, 1957-2016, Obituary.

Steve “Country” Jones, 1957-1977, Obituary.

Mike Lyman, 1958-2021, Obituary.

Brian McGreevy, 1957-2008, Obituary.

Miles Lynn Patrick, 1957-2017, Obituary.

Stephen McGinnis, 1958-2018. Obituary.

Pat Miller Simpson, 1958-2006, Obituary.

Donna Moore, 1958-2004, Obituary.

Naoto Sekiguchi, 1958-2021, Obituary.

Jan Skarda, 1957-1994, Obituary.

Dwaine Spears, 1958-2002, Obituary.

Sheri Starr Keen, 1958-2015, Obituary.

Richard Steel, 1957-2000, Obituary.

Jimmy Stout, 1958-2007, Obituary.

Craig Venema, 1958-1993, Obituary.

Robert “Bobby” Waterson, 1958-2014, Obituary.

Myra Wesson, 1958-2003, Obituary.

Dennis Wohlford, 1957-2016, Obituary.


Theresa Smith thoughtfully searches for a Prom dress.
Donna Moore, Jackie Audrain, Scott Fedosky and Kathy Trice aid in raking in the money during cap and gown measurements.
Jackie Audrain, Scott Fedosky and Kathy Trice aid in raking in the money during cap and gown measurements.
Steve Jones works behind the counter at Mr. Tux, a formal wear rental store.
 Linda Bixby folds her invitation order which had to accompanied by a $10 deposit.
Linda Bixby folds her invitation order which had to accompanied by a $10 deposit.

Cost of Leaving

While the approach of graduation meant many things to different people, to all seniors it meant dishing out the dough. From the summer before to the summer after the senior year, students were paying for all those “seniory” things.

It started with the senior ring, averaging $60 to $70. Then came senior portraits. Most seniors spent $30 or more.

From the beginning of that final year, seniors prepared for the big day, graduation. Before they had time to realize they were seniors, they were ordering invitations. Some managed to escape with only a $5 to $6 charge, but the cheapest package was $9.35 and the most expensive was $26.55. And many ordered extras and bought a memory book for $3.20, a senior key for $4.50 to $6.50 and a picture album for $4. In addition, a cap and gown, which was required for uniformity of color, meant another six bucks.

Planning for a college education was also costly. ACT and SAT tests cost $6.50 to $7.50, which included sending the results to three colleges. Transcripts to accompany applications were priced at $1 after the first one.

As graduation drew nearer, so did another big event, the Senior Prom. The cost for this wing-ding could vary sharply. Tickets, which came out of the guy’s pocket, ran $5 a couple. Dinner, depending on how cheap the guy was, ranged from $3 at McDonald’s to $20 at the Farmer’s Daughter. Then the poor fellow had to rent a tux, another $15 to $40, and buy a corsage for his date. If he went the daisy route he spent about $2.50; if he was extravagant he paid $10 for an orchid.

A new dress for the girls could be made for as little as $20, but many preferred to buy one read made for at least $50. And her date had to have flowers too, a boutonniere for $1.50.

If you added it up, the bill for the senior year came to $260. But most seniors agreed that the memories were worth every cent.

— 1976 Amethyst

Bixby to Chandler

Linda Bixby
June Black
Stephen Black
Joe Blackwell
Lynn Bland
Sylvia Blyholder
Cindy Bowers
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Bob Brandt
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Harold Caudell
Lynn Chandler

Obituary for Linda Bixby Vandagriff

linda-bixby-vandagriffLinda Christine Bixby Vandagriff, age 53, died at her home in Anchorage, Alaska, on October 5, 2011, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. She was born June 4, 1958, at Bryan, Texas, the daugher of Marvin D. and Carolyn Byers Bixby.

She was a graduate of Fayetteville High School. She pursued her undergraduate degree in accounting at Sam Houston State University. Later, she received her master’s degree in management at Southern Oregon University before moving to Valdez, Alaska, in 1988. While in Valdez until 1996, she worked at the Prince William Sound Community College as a business manager.

She also worked for the College of the Siskiyous in Weed, California, as the director of accounting services, the finance director for Alaska Pacific University and for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Alaska-Anchorage as the budget director. Linda made Anchorage her home in 2004.

Linda loved quilting and shopping for her grandchildren. She was an avid reader and was a craft enthusiast.

Linda was preceded in death by her brother, Gary E. Bixby.

She was survived by her parents, Marvin Bixby and Carolyn Byers Bixby of Tontitown, Ark.; her sons, Matthew G. Vandagriff and wife Krissi Howe Vandagriff, of Houston, Texas, and Jacob D. Vandagriff of Achorage; grandchildren, Thomas, Carolyn and Helen Vandagriff; her brother, Paul W. Bixby and his wife, Frankie Allen Bixby, of Fayetteville; niece, Savannah Bixby of Fayetteville; and special cousins, Judy and Bob Lawrence of Yorba Linda, California.

A memorial service was held at the ChangePoint Church in Anchorage, Alaska, on Oct. 11, 2011, with the Rev. Dave Bacher officiating.

She is buried at Goshen Cemetery.