Reunion Photo 1986

The 1986 reunion was held at the old Elks Lodge on Zion Road. More than 100 alumni attended different events of the reunion.


Front row: Hal Poole, Steve Jones, Eddie LaClair, Mike Tribble, Gregg Parker, Steve Smith, Rick Witherspoon, Soren Kraemer, Gary Streigler, Dan Wickliff, Charlie Alison, Janet Sherman, Loree Treat, Paula Faires, Liz Reagan, ??

Second row: ??, Shelley Faddis, Liz Adam, Thyrsie Anderson, Linda Williams, Sue Stockton, Becky Riggs, ??, Barbara Kane, Linda Langham, Sylvia Blyholder, Kristi Corn, Phyllis Parham, Cathy Huff, Regina Strong, Nancy Dodson, Jackie Ward, ??

Third row: Tim Smith, ??, Bill Guirl, Jody Tyson, Billie Bacha, Lisa Beard, Deanna Edens, Susan Chism, Terry Miller, Karan Carpenter, ??, ??, Pam Meinecke, Pat Bryan, Cheryl Clinehens, Teensy Kirby, Teresa Garrison, Sherri Starr, Nancy Stanberry, Tammi Garrett, Linda Colwell, Amy Wilson, Brian Noland.

Fourth row: Steven Yancey, ??, Nina Rolloff, Judy Goff, Hugh Painter, Nathan McKinney, Stephen McGinnis, Brian Holt, Debbie, Drake, Jeff Ward, Rick Turner, Janice Fuller, Gail Davis, Vickie Talburt, Lisa Lashley, Karen Waite, Cathy McRee, ??, Kathy Peele, Ann Scarbrough, Suzie Jenkins.

Fifth row: Jeff Bailey, Dick Reese, Drew Phillips, ??, Gary Hall, Bill Watkins, ??, Jeff Hobbs, ??, ??, Mike Lyman, Phillip Brown, Kathy Trice, Jeff England, Anna Leichner, Betsy Stewart, Rachel Walters

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Pep Rallies

Varsity cheerleaders lead the student body in the Alma Mater at the end of the pep convocation.
During a pep rally skit Cathy McRee asks Lisa Lashley who’s going to win the game. Billy Harrison plays the horse, while Terry Miller and Susan Chism as Siamese twins look on.
Cindy Bowers, ’76 dancing bulldog, performs to the music of the band during a pep rally.
Leslie Long makes a monkey out of Mike Garner during the Russellville pep rally.
Manager Bobby Waterson does a victory dance.

B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S! Let’s go Dogs! The cry rang out in each pep rally in 1976.

Pep rallies were not just a spontaneous gathering of people all shouting support for the Bulldogs. Behind each one were hours of careful preparation.

Cheerleaders not only practiced cheers and jumps, but also created skits to add a touch of comedy to the spirit. Meanwhile, the band rehearsed the Alma Mater and “The Horse.”

Peppers took part in hanging posters, and along with the cheerleaders, they got to the gym early to get things organized.

Finally, the student body entered with loud voices and clapping, and the gym began to roar with noise.

“The spirit seemed better than last year,” said junior Karen McCarty.

The Colors Day and Homecoming convocations were special pep rallies. Others featured special events such as the announcements of the winners of the Mr. Irresistible contest. It was won by Brooks Clower, senior; Calvin Tackett, junior; and Tyler Trumbo, sophomore.

Pep rallies were a spirit experience!

— 1976 Amethyst

Work Day

Charlie Alison leans out to reach the top molding.
Cathy McRee paints book shelves in Mrs. White’s English classroom.
Denise Smith started out as messy as most kids ended up.
Band students work on their music shelves.

Work day provided students with a choice of going to school and getting paint and dirt all over them or staying in their warm beds and sleeping late.

Most of the approximately 215 students who did work arrived by noon. The largest crowd of the day gathered in the cafeteria at lunch for pizza paid for by the administration and Pepsi provided by Student Council.

“I’m always impressed with students that show their concern in such a positive way,” said Mrs. Sherry Price, Student Council sponsor.

Among the individual improvements was a fresh coat of blue paint in the accounting room. The band room was given a Bicentennial look, and the girls’ dressing room took on a brighter appearance as Mrs. Carol Brunner’s work team painted desks, trash cans, benches and the door.

The major clean up consisted of wiping away the cobwebs and grime that had accumulated since the last work day. But probably the biggest clean up of the day took place after all the workers got home and took a look at themselves.

Senior Privilege

It’s almost obvious from the faces that seniors enjoy senior privilege more than the teachers. Debbie Drake and Richard Steel wait anxiously as Mr. Hall ponders over their senior privilege slips.

Time Out

Senior Privilege made it through one more year at FHS. At the beginning of the year there was the usual doubt as to whether the seniors would be privileged again. “You better be extra good this year, or we’ll make you stay all day.”

Of course the seniors were all for getting it started as soon as possible. “I think it’s a good thing because people shouldn’t have to go to school when they have study halls,” said Cathy McRee.

Getting it started and keeping it running smoothly was the job of Vice-Principal Bill Brunner, but he still thought that “it’s good to give the students a chance to make other uses of their time, such as jobs or University classes.”

Even though everyone seemed eager for Senior Privilege to begin, there was a last minute rush to get teachers to sign permissions slips so the seniors wouldn’t have to go to their study halls the first day it started.

Some students felt that Tuesday and Thursday privileges weren’t enough.

“I think they ought to extend the privilege to every day of the week,” said Student Council president Don Carter.

Then there were those like J.D. Hobbs who “could care less” because “I already have all the privileges I need anyway.”

— 1976 Amethyst

Grade 4, Root Elementary


Mrs. Sanders’s class during the 1967-68 school year at Root Elementary.

Front row, from left: Mrs. Sanders, ??, Suzanne Hinson?, ??, Susan Shelley, and Steve Harris.
Second row: ??, Kathy Maguire, John Brooks, Craig Venema, Wanda Hayes, and Keith ??
Third row: Leslie Long?, Bobby Miller?, ??, ??, Bobby Barnes, and Misty Veasey?
Fourth row: Soren Kraemer, ??, Bob Wilkins?, Brooks Clower, Cathy McRee, and Read Hudson.

McClain to Neely

Fred McClain
Lisa McConnell
Stephen McGinnis
Brian McGreevy
Brian McGreevy
Mark McGuire
Cecile McKee
Nathan McKinney
Laura McKinnon
Cheryl McKnight
Cathy McRee
Bruce McLeod
Tammy McWhorter
Pam Meinecke
Helen Messner
Robert Meyer
David Mikles
Bobby Miller
Debbie Miller
Donna Miller
Pam Miller
Pat Miller
Terry Miller
Della Moore
Donna Moore
Karen Moore
Terry Moore
Cathy Morgan
Marcia Morgan
Sandra Morris
Cheryl Murtishaw
Dotty Neely